Indigenous Peoples

It’s sometimes surprising what God puts on my heart to write. I know very little about Indigenous People, and if at all, perhaps Aborigines, or Native Americans. And still, it’s limited knowledge.

Now comes the tricky part; where does God want to lead in this post? We are all human beings, but many have lived in poverty, generational or “one paycheck away from being homeless.” Perhaps born on a reservation without the ability for a better life.

From the United Nations, I found very valuable information:

Culture and Knowledge

Indigenous peoples are the holders of unique languages, knowledge systems and beliefs and possess invaluable knowledge of practices for the sustainable management of natural resources. They have a special relation to and use of their traditional land. Their ancestral land has a fundamental importance for their collective physical and cultural survival as peoples. Indigenous peoples hold their own diverse concepts of development, based on their traditional values, visions, needs and priorities

Over the last 33 years, The Indigenous World has documented an increasing trend towards harassment and criminalisation of indigenous peoples and communities.

Perhaps this is a reminder to pray for ALL people, not just those on your prayer lists, and not a generic “for the world,” but to include Indigenous People for their safety, freedom and to find the Word of God.

We look at your world and praise you for the diversity all around us. Thank you for the gift of relationships; our connection with people, animals and the land. Help us, Lord, to see differences and diversity as strengths. Help us to listen and understand; to meet one another with wonder and anticipation.  Amen

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