God is in the Details

As I look out my window, I see that our Asian Lilacs are “so close,” ready to pop with bloom any minute now! And the fragrance!!! If the computer had smell-o-vision, wouldn’t that be a joy!

Have you ever brought flowers from the outside; in? Did you notice the ants crawling around? Oh great, I think – now we’ll have ants in the house! But really, it’s just one or two stragglers from having lived on their beautiful blooms. The ants need whatever the flowers provide, the flowers need sunshine, rain and weeding. The ground needs sustenance to survive long winters. It truly is the “circle of life.”

You too, are a flower, ready to bloom! A walk with Jesus, is a lifetime journey. There will be bugs and disease, droughts, floods, an overabundance of beauty, and sorrow when the season ends. Living in faith, being aware of those little nudges, studying the Word, fellowship with like minded people, all help grow the person you are – and will be.


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