Holy Spirit

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read or seen the movie “The Shack” you may not want to continue on. It took me three attempts to watch the movie because it was too real and heartbreaking. When I finally did, I was thoroughly inspired by the characters. God is a strong Black woman, Jesus; a Middle-Eastern man and the Holy Spirit is a wispy lover of all things gardens and flowers.

I find it confusing the Trinity; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit because they are the same, right? I also know from my Catholic teachings (newbie here, remember?) that the Mystery of Faith is that we don’t understand, and it’s okay. We can explore, as I am doing-writing and sharing.

Some describe the Holy Spirit as a “nudge” maybe similar to a spiritual kick in the bootie! Also an entity (some say a “person” but what does that mean?) that you can talk to intercede with Jesus. Maybe like Mother Mary. I personally have a problem these instances, I was taught to pray directly to Jesus. Even my own sister who passed away in 2020, a lifelong Buddhist, used Tibetan prayer flags to send requests. I’m not sure why we need to guide our hopes, concerns and gratitude “out” or “to.” I’m sure a theologian would provide a long list of why.

In the meantime, I will keep reading, talking, asking questions and if I never know, it will be okay, because ultimately, walking in faith, with Jesus is the ultimate truth.

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