It’s okay to doubt

I think of Doubting Thomas, he didn’t believe that Jesus was back from death, he didn’t believe and needed proof. So Jesus produced it by having Thomas touch his wounds. That was all he needed and was able to join in the celebrations!

We often doubt the circumstances we are in; wondering if Jesus is in the details or are we left to our own devices?

Doubting is a valuable tool, it teaches us to search out truth and not give up until we have found it. It can be as simple as your child lying to you or noticing a discrepancy in your checkbook. A little white lie can escalate or lack of funds can create bouncing checks. We can’t just let go of what we don’t understand, we need to pursue and get to the bottom of it.

The song “God’s Not Dead” by the Newsboys, is a great representation of ‘getting to the truth.”

So go ahead and doubt, it’s not a sin, mistake or disbelief. It’s the opposite, it allows us to get what we need to understand.

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