Writing Doldrums

I have been uninspired to write. This is unlike me, because I love to write. I love to share the messages that God gives to me. He is still sending the words, and I’m still receiving them, but….. I don’t know.

Today after duking it out with a seller on Ebay and then getting a favorable response from a customer service agent, I’m happy once again. Isn’t that how our spiritual life can sometimes work? I know for a fact that feelings come and go, they are like the waves in an ocean. To that end, feelings are not trustworthy or factual.

What is? The WORD of God. I have started to “encounter God through Scripture” through my own home study. Jeremiah 15:16 sums it up perfectly:

“When I discovered your words, I devoured them;
    they became a source of joy to me
    and the delight of my heart,
because I bore your name,
    O Lord, God of hosts

How do YOU encounter God? How do you hear the messages? Where do you share them? Do you share them? #inquiringminds #Godwritesyourstory

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