Your own mission statement

About eight years ago I was taking a class at the local Unitarian church. It was called: “What do you believe.” It was very informative and from a Christian view, it really helped me understand what I believed, why, and how I could back it up. We were asked to write a “mission statement” which in the business world; describes your acumen, philosophy, traits that are important for customers. But on this day, it was far more personal. Mine has changed many times, in fact here – in this post, I’m sharing where I stand today; this very moment.

I encourage you to do some journaling and discover what your “mission statement” is regarding your faith.

My Mission Statement

I believe that God lives in me and my life. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I am a better person for these beliefs. I willingly share my story of faith if it draws them closer to a relationship with Christ. And I love ALL people, as Christ loves me.

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