New Year, New Pieces

I have on occasion, written for a local church newsletter. I always included scripture with a small story or musing about life; mine or just in general. I am continuing this tradition, going forward here. Enjoy and please comment if you are so inclined!

My desk faces the front yard of my home. We have many trees and in the summer they are filled with leaves, the grass is green, the sky blue, the weather warm with slight breezes. In the winter, as it is today; Tuesday, January 11, the sky is blue but that is the only similarity. It’s is a chilly 34 degrees, there is snow on every inch of the ground, the trees are bare, but there is life. Oh – is there life! Birds flock to our feeders, or the front bushes for shelter, squirrels scamper up and down trees, bunnies peek out from underneath the neighbors shed, and crows or ravens – they keep the neighborhood safe with their frequent and loud caws.

Be aware of your surroundings. The beauty that is a true gift from God. Have a lovely and blessed week.

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