Pieces to Pray

Do you pray every day? With your morning coffee or before bed?

Do you have a “prayer closet?” (a private, quiet place where you go specifically to pray).

Do you use contemplative prayer or meditation? Maybe you journal or write poetry. Color or create art? Sing, lifting your voice to God?

There is no specific or better way to pray. THAT you do, is all that matters.

When I pray, I try to incorporate a lot of gratitude into my words.

“Holy Father, you are my friend and guardian. Thank You for being kind and comforting in times of darkness and hurt. Thank You for the sunshine and warmth on my skin. I appreciate all that I have, and for the gentle prods to forgive easier, not speak in anger and to love without ceasing. Help me to keep my eyes on You and my heart open to Your instruction.” Amen.

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