Pieces of Expectation

If you are anything like me, and have a little trouble with control, then this post is for you!

It’s pretty easy to look at the life of someone else, particularly a loved one and think – they should be doing A, B or C.  If they did those things, it would go so much smoother for them.  It just makes more sense than how they are doing it.  And sometimes we interject our opinions into their lives, whether it was asked for or not (generally; not).  Our expectations for their lives, cause drama, hostility, brokenness.

Isn’t it enough to manage our own life?

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This is a problem for a lot of mothers with their adult children.  I was guilty of this and then a war commenced, years passed and she unexpectedly died.  There was not time to repair and forgive.

But don’t let that happen to you, because it’s tragic — don’t let it happen because you are growing in faith and wisdom and caring for yourself.  And when you can’t; you hand it over to your Heavenly Father.  Do the same for those you love.  Hand them over and remember, God works in mysterious and incredible ways, He will not only provide for you, but for your family, loved ones.

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