Pieces of Purpose

One of my favorite Christian authors is Dr. Charles Stanley, in the March 2016 monthly devotional was this lovely paragraph on March 8th:

Whatever the circumstances, we should be evaluating what God is doing in us.  Like a gem polisher, He will work off our rough edges by running us up against tough experiences and people.  When we look for His purposes and lessons, we hasten the time when our life message reflects the hope that is available in Christ Jesus.

The lesson here is — we will experience hard times, we will deal with abrasive people, we will be wounded by words.  Circumstances will challenge and maybe even change us — but what we can’t do, is fall apart — taking a worldly view to our situation.  No!  Instead, lean in on your Heavenly Father; pray, seek wisdom and peace.


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  1. readmyphotos says:

    So true, “You can worry or you can trust God” . So true. I’m not a worrier at all, generally, however, if I ever find myself worrying, I “turn” that worry into a prayer, instead of leaving it as a worry. Almost always, never failed. As soon as I turned the worry into a prayer, that worry disappeared. We can only do what we can do, so in any problematic situation, once I have done all I can do to solve a problem, I turn the worry into a prayer and presto, the worry is gone, totally banished.


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